Prototype of a PET Bottle Recycling Machine
PET Bottle Recycling

Prototype of a PET Bottle Recycling Machine. We build a prototype of a machine to recycle bottles (PET). The idea is to create a simple installation machine in public places. Free access so that anyone can recycle bottles (PET) and get some reward. The reward could be a discount for purchases in shops or a voucher to exchange it for products or services of sponsoring companies.

Prototype of a PET Bottle Recycling Machine

In this way, encourage people to start recycling and realize that this resource (pet plastic) is valuable.

While this prototype is purely conceptual, it allows us to have an idea of how it works.

The entire system is controlled by a Psoc 5 LP 32bit microcontroller. The machine will have a milling mechanism, a container for bottle caps, a container for the user to discharge the liquid lodged in the bottles before entering them into the system.

recicladora de botellas de pet
PET Bottle Recycling Machine

It will also have a screen that shows information to the user. A printer will be the one that delivers the tiket with the corresponding prize to the user.

Inside, a motorized mechanism is responsible for opening and closing a door for the entry of bottles. Another transport mechanism is responsible for validating the bottles and entering or returning them if they are invalid.

The whole system will have sensors capable of automatically shutting down the machine in case one of the containers is full.

This model is built with pieces designed to measure. Some printed in 3d and others made in mdf cut in cnc.

I invite you to watch the following video where we can see details of the project.

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  1. Razvan Dobre

    Hi guys ,

    Did you manage to go further with the project ?!

    Is this module PET Bottle Recycling available to be shared for the implementation in other projects ?!

    I’m interested about this module for a project that I have under development.

  2. Emerson Christian

    Hi Jhon, how are you doing?
    I’m Emerson Christian from brazil and I’d like to buy your RVM project, cuz it a stuning and complete projecto. So, do you have a price to negociate?

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